vivek- portrait 1.jpg

Hello and welcome! My name is Vivek.

I fell in love with drawing the day I sketched my first doodle in 6th grade, and I fell in love with photography the day my parents bought me my first camera in high school.

It was only many years later – after college, after working as an advertising creative, marketing manager and a director of a non-profit, that I decided to pursue my passion as an artist and visual storyteller. Sometimes the road to our calling can be a winding one!

I provide interiors, personal branding and portrait photography, as well as illustration and videography services.

If you feel you never look good in photos, all I can say is, “Yes, you do! You just haven’t found me yet!” :)

When I’m not behind a camera or holding a sketch pen, I can be found doing yoga or curling up with a good book on Eastern philosophy, thinking about my place in the cosmos. :)